We conducted a client survey to help us better understand our clients’ experience and their expectations of our service. The survey provided an opportunity for clients to tell us what they think of our services and give valuable feedback to help us improve our services.

Clients were asked to provide feedback about our Legal Help telephone information service, legal advice, duty lawyer and legal representation (casework) across our civil, criminal and family law program areas.

The survey found 76 per cent of clients were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our services overall.

While most clients were satisfied across all program areas, satisfaction varied depending on the program, and on the type of service.

Overall client satisfaction with specific programs areas:

  • 81% for criminal law
  • 73% for civil law
  • 72% for family law.

Overall satisfaction with the type of service received:

  • 85% for clients who had received a grant of legal assistance (casework)
  • 78% for callers to our Legal Help telephone information service
  • 75% for clients who had received a duty lawyer service
  • 72% for clients who had received a legal advice service.

Depending on the type of service a client received, 75 to 94 per cent would recommend our service to others.

For some clients, receiving legal assistance gave them the confidence to sort out their own problems in the future. If a similar problem arose again:

  • 52% of callers who used our Legal Help telephone information service felt confident they could sort it out without seeking assistance from us
  • 31–39% of clients who received legal advice or a duty lawyer service felt confident they could sort it out with seeking assistance from us.

About the survey

An independent research agency conducted the survey. More than 1,000 clients, who had received a service from us in 2014–15, participated in the survey by telephone or email.

Of the clients who participated in the survey:

  • 26% reported having a disability
  • 66% were in receipt of a government benefit or pension
  • 20% had received more than one service from us during 2014–15 (excluding Legal Help callers).

A full report including analysis of results and recommendations will be available from our website later in 2015.