Victorian Government service delivery outputs

The 201415 Victorian Budget sets a number of output performance measures and targets for departments and their agencies and statutory bodies in Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery (BP3). Victoria Legal Aid falls within the portfolio of the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Symbol for BP3 We have used this icon where we have reported against BP3 output performance measures.

Strategic plan

Our services and initiatives are guided by the themes and goals we have committed to in our Strategic Plan 2011–14:

Access and inclusion
Strategic goal: to deliver timely and respectful access to the justice system; to help people resolve legal problems and protect rights.

Relationships and collaboration
Strategic goal: To build strong effective relationships with other organisations for the benefit of our clients.

Organisational responsiveness
Strategic goal: To enhance organisational capability to respond to a changing environment.

We have used these icons where we have reported against legal aid services provided under the themes and goals of the strategic plan. This annual report continues to align with our Strategic Plan 2011–14, as our Strategy 2015–18 was launched in March 2015.