We are committed to delivering high quality, client-centred services throughout Victoria.

New practice standards

This year we introduced our new practice standards and measures. All lawyers on our section 29A panels must comply with and meet our practice standards, and the measures set out the ways by which practitioners can demonstrate they have met the standards. The practice standards were developed in consultation with private practitioners. The standards and measures will form the basis of our upcoming quality audits.

Panels Project

This year saw the completion of the Panels Project which commenced in February 2012. The Panels Project aimed at improving the quality of services delivered to clients who receive a grant of legal assistance.

The project delivered a number of new processes and procedures including the development and introduction of a new panels model to manage our section 29A practitioner panels, a suite of practice standards and the development of a quality audit model.

This year we:

  • opened up our last two section 29A panels (the Family Law Panel and Family Violence Panel) to applications
  • rolled out the final Panel Deed to firms approved to be on our section 29A panels
  • rolled out the conditions of membership for practitioners who have been approved as panel certifiers on our section 29A panels
  • rolled out our new practice standards and measures
  • developed a quality audit model which will allow us to monitor compliance with the practice standards.

Training, development and support

We provide training, development and support for our lawyers (and other staff who work directly with clients where appropriate). We also run the New Lawyers Program, which provides first and second-year lawyers with comprehensive training and development and offer training placements for law students.

Read more about the training, development and support we provide.

Information systems and online services

We develop, maintain and protect information technology assets to ensure our systems are reliable, effective and responsive to organisational and client service needs. This year we:

  • migrated all physical and virtual computers from Windows XP to a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and all staff to Outlook/Exchange for email and calendar
  • migrated and refreshed our precedent collection to the ActiveDocs automated document generation tool
  • commenced a rollout of Office 2013
  • undertook a proof of concept to replace desk phones, desk computers and iPads with a single Windows tablet for staff in one suburban office, with a view to rolling out replacements across the organisation in 2015–16
  • piloted cloud storage and collaboration for case files
  • began developing a cloud-based case management solution for the Family Dispute Resolution Service
  • upgraded the ATLAS grants management system
  • upgraded our Storage Area Network to enhance performance and capacity to store data
  • upgraded the Data Warehouse environment to enhance data reporting
  • piloted and procured a new modern contact centre solution, to be deployed in 2015–16.

Information and records management

We have obligations and responsibilities under the relevant legislation to make and keep full and accurate records of our business practices. These records must be managed in accordance with revised Public Record Office Victoria standards and specifications under section 12 of the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic). The standards apply to all records (in all formats) and detail requirements for the creation, maintenance and authorised timely disposal of these records. We continue to focus on achieving compliance with the revised standards and specifications.

This year we:

  • upgraded our electronic document and records management system (TRIM) and continued implementation and training for users to capture and manage administrative records
  • completed a major records destruction project in accordance with relevant disposal authorities and policies, which significantly reduced our archival storage costs.