We will treat people with dignity and respect, uphold people's rights to fair process and the protection of the law, and ensure people have a real say in the resolution of their legal problem.

About our Strategy

In developing our Strategy 2015–18, we articulated values of care, fairness and courage to guide our choices about who we help and how we help them. At its heart, our purpose is to make a difference by ensuring that disadvantaged and vulnerable people can benefit from the same legal rights as everyone else.

Strategic directions

Three strategic directions will guide us in working with our partners in the justice and community sector to improve the way Victorians access justice. They will enable us to deliver the most appropriate legal services at the right time, based on client needs.

Invest in timely intervention, especially for children and young people

Helping people as soon as they need it rather than when their lives have reached a crisis point benefits clients and the community.

Match services to the needs and abilities of our clients

Legal help can be difficult to access, particularly for people who have complex legal and personal issues.

Maximise benefits by working with others

To maximise our reach, we must do more than just respond to individual clients–we must work to resolve legal problems that affect many people.

We value a society that aspires to fairness and opportunity and we work towards remedying injustice where it exists.

Informing our strategic directions

We have listened, taken note and applied ourselves to develop a strategy that builds on our strengths and makes a renewed commitment to the community we serve, while keeping our sights on the future.