We consulted extensively with staff, stakeholders, clients and the community during 2014–15 to develop a unifying new strategy, to lead on from our expiring Strategic Plan 2011–14. As our Strategy 2015–18 was launched in April 2015, this annual report continues to align with our Strategic Plan 2011–14.

Our Strategic Plan 2011–14 prioritises assistance for people who are poor and cannot afford the protection of the law and:

  • face detention by the state or having decisions made for them
  • are exposed to risk of violence or harm
  • are marginalised or vulnerable to exploitation and unfair treatment.

In line with our commitments under the Council of Australian Governments’ National Partnership Agreement, our strategic plan also focuses on services that:

  • uphold rights and due process
  • focus on early intervention and prevention
  • build the capacity of clients to resolve their future problems without legal assistance
  • deliver a wide benefit to the community.

The services we provide and our initiatives are guided by the themes and goals we have committed to in our Strategic Plan:

Access and inclusion
Strategic goal: to deliver timely and respectful access to the justice system; to help people resolve legal problems and protect rights.

Relationships and collaboration
Strategic goal: To build strong effective relationships with other organisations for the benefit of our clients.

Organisational responsiveness
Strategic goal: To enhance organisational capability to respond to a changing environment.

Our strategic planning environment

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