Our risk management framework is consistent with the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework, the Australian/New Zealand risk management standard AS/NZS ISO31000:2009 and the directions issued under the Financial Management Act 1994 (Vic).

Our strategic risk profile is reviewed annually in line with our risk management policy and is undertaken in accordance with the risk management procedures.

Our risk profile is developed by aggregating risks across the organisation and then identifying the top risks we face. Factors influencing the prioritisation of risks are our strategic priorities, external factors impacting on service delivery and financial commitments.

We developed mitigating strategies and actions to embed planning around identified risks into current activities. Key risk indicators were developed to track and monitor the movement of risks, against likelihood and consequence. The risk profile is approved by the Victoria Legal Aid Board. Quarterly reports against the risk profile are provided to our Audit Committee.

Identified risks

Risks identified during the year included:

  • failure to attain compliance with processes and standards that enable the delivery of quality services to legal aid clients
  • failure to secure adequate levels of funding

  • community fails to value legal aid services
  • failure to align staff capability with organisational goals
  • failure to deliver on and meet targets
  • failure to successfully plan and implement key strategic projects impacting our ability to adapt to change and innovate
  • failure to identify, forecast and respond to service pressures
  • failure of government decisions and activity to take into account Victoria Legal Aid and other entities
  • failure to provide staff with a safe and supportive work-place and work-environment impacting physical or mental wellbeing.

Attestation of compliance with the Australian/New Zealand risk management standard

I, Andrew Guy certify that Victoria Legal Aid has complied with the Ministerial Standing Direction 4.5.5 – Risk Management Framework and Processes. The Victoria Legal Aid Audit Committee verifies this. 

Andrew Guy's signature

Andrew Guy

on behalf of the Board of Victoria Legal Aid