Victoria Legal Aid is committed to increasing staff engagement, improving the way we work together and developing our approaches to managing staff health risks and wellbeing.

Employment practices

We work in an inclusive environment, supported by policy and procedures that reflect the values of our organisation and help us to develop and deliver services that meet community justice needs. Read about our employment practices.

Workforce data

This year we continued our commitment to aligning people resources to priority client service delivery, improving efficiencies and achieving financially sustainable employment levels for the longer term.

Our vacancy rate has reduced and staffing levels have increased reflecting new work demands and our commitment to prioritising roles that work directly with clients and the community or support direct service provision. The number of active staff in direct or indirect service delivery roles has increased by 11.6 FTE or 2.1 per cent. Corporate service roles have decreased slightly.

We continue to allocate 90 per cent of our people resources to direct or indirect service delivery, ensuring prudent use of limited legal aid resources. 

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Staff wellbeing

We undertook a pilot project to support staff in our Family, Youth and Children’s Law program identify and deal with vicarious trauma. Vicarious trauma is the potential for the trauma experienced by clients to transfer to staff and negatively impact their wellbeing. The pilot tested various strategies for mitigating the risk of vicarious trauma, including education and regular group debriefing.

Formal evaluation of the project has resulted in refining debriefing activity, and will inform tailored solutions for other work areas within the staff legal practice.

Our staff continue to be supported with access to a 24-hour employee assistance program, which provides counselling for personal and work-related issues. Critical incident debriefing occurs where necessary.

These services are important in maintaining the psychological health of staff who are exposed to disturbing case-related material and the inherent pressures associated with legal aid work.

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Staff achievements

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