The review of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is complete and improvements to processes are well underway. Most managers have completed safety leadership workshops designed to improve their capability in meeting health and safety obligations and leading a proactive approach to managing safety risks to staff.

Our refurbishment of the Frankston office has, among other things, improved security arrangements for staff when interacting with clients. This will be completed in August 2015.

Reported incidents have decreased this year and a clear shift towards security incidents has been identified. We are developing protocols for assessing under what circumstances staff should limit client service delivery. We are also reviewing appropriate control measures to further support safety in client interactions. Managers are better equipped to respond to these incidents through improved hazard identification protocols and risk assessment techniques as a result of safety leadership workshops.

We tested revised processes for effective Workcover claims management and return to work, and evaluation is underway. We support our managers to co-ordinate these processes with coaching and consultancy from People and Culture and expert external providers. 

Performance against occupational health and safety measures


Performance indicator 2014–15 2013–14 2012–13
Number of incidents 31 46 30
Rate per 100 FTE 5.1 7.59 5.26


Performance indicator 2014–15 2013–14 2012–13
Total WorkCover claims 1 5 3
Number of standard claims* 0 4 1
Rate per 100 FTE 0 0.66 0.02
Number of lost time claims* 1 4 1
Rate per 100 FTE 0.016 0.66 0.02
Number of claims exceeding 13 weeks* 0 1 0
Rate per 100 FTE 0 0.16 0

* Data was sourced from WorkSafe Victoria’s authorised agent. A claim is standard when the employer liability period (10 days lost and/or medical expenses of $564 indexed annually) has been exceeded.

Other measures

Performance indicator 2014–15 2013–14 2012–13
Fatality claims 0 0 0
Average cost per standard claim* N/A $22,135.91** N/A
Percentage of claims with return to work plan less than 30 days N/A 100% N/A

* Data sourced was from WorkSafe Victoria’s authorised agent.

** Costs related to three ongoing claims from previous years.