We received 15 applications for documents this year. Of these:

  • three resulted in documents being released in full
  • seven resulted in documents being released in part
  • four resulted in Victoria Legal Aid confirming that we did not hold documents covered by the request
  • one application was refused in full.

Freedom of Information Commissioner

Members of the public can complain to the Freedom of Information Commissioner about the way we handle freedom of information requests or our decisions about freedom of information applications.

This year we received notification of two complaints and four review requests from the Freedom of Information Commissioner. Of these:

  • one review upheld our decision in full
  • one review upheld our decision in part
  • two reviews remain ongoing
  • one complaint was resolved
  • one complaint remains ongoing.

Making a request

Access to documents may be obtained through written request, as detailed in section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. In summary, the requirements for making a request are that it should:

  • be in writing
  • identify as clearly as possible which document is being requested
  • be accompanied by the appropriate application fee (or a request to have the fee waived).

Access charges may also apply once documents have been processed (for example, photocopying and search and retrieval charges).

Freedom of information requests can be made by:

  • email to foi@vla.vic.gov.au
  • post to:
    Freedom of Information
    Victoria Legal Aid
    GPO Box 4380

Victoria Legal Aid’s Complaints and Statutory Compliance team can also be contacted by phone on (03) 9280 3789 for any questions about Freedom of Information requests.