We finished the year with a surplus on transactions, our day-to-day business, of $11.0 million, less than last year’s $15.3 million surplus, which reflects increased expenditure of $8.9 million and increased income of $4.5 million.

More services were provided as a result of the increased expenditure.

Although revenue increased, it did not increase as much as expenditure and some revenue was received late in the year. The operating result reflects additional Public Purpose Fund and one-off government income, offset by higher payments to staff and suppliers, including private practitioners.

The year-end cash balance was $44.2 million, which is above the minimum cash balance we hold, to ensure we can meet fluctuations in payments for cases approved in prior periods and to hedge against future demand and cost pressures.

The 2014–15 financial statements record:

  • Victorian Government income of $85.0 million
  • Commonwealth Government income of $47.2 million
  • Public Purpose Fund income of $29.3 million
  • $63.6 million spent on case-related private practitioner payments
  • $25.0 million funding provided to community legal centres (this includes $9.2 million in Commonwealth funds passed directly to community legal centres and not recognised as income or expenditure in our financial statements)
  • an operating surplus of $11.0 million.

See Our finances for the financial year in review and financial statements.

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