Employment and conduct principles

Our staff are bound by the values and employment principles in the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees and the Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic).

To further strengthen understanding and commitment to these values and principles, this year we focused greater attention on ensuring induction processes and staff obligations are clearly defined and behavioural expectations are communicated to all new staff.

Employee benefits

Our employees have access to a broad range of flexible working options that support work–life balance. Twenty-nine per cent of our staff work part-time and the vast majority access flexible working hours.

Our parental leave provisions continue to support staff retention. Thirteen per cent of staff accessed paid maternity leave entitlements this year and six staff accessed paid parent/partner leave.

Maternity leave absence often extends beyond 12 months and our staff can request part-time work arrangements until each child reaches school age. We expect maternity leave absences to remain at relatively high levels due to our current staff profile, which is 77% female, of which 55% are between 23 and 40 years of age.

Provisions in the Victoria Legal Aid Enterprise Agreement 2013–2016 provide access to family violence leave and further clarify access to compassionate leave.

Employee engagement and development

This year we successfully implemented our new performance development and review process. This was supported by dedicated training to all staff, in all locations across the organisation. Early feedback indicates that 85 per cent of participants experienced it as useful.

We continued our focus on increasing manager engagement and capability through the provision of regular manager forums. These forums have been useful to elicit responses to the draft of our Strategy 2015–18 and enabling managers to connect with and support strategy implementation.

We introduced a new comprehensive induction program for managers and improved our approach, support materials and an ‘on-boarding’ process for all staff.