Commonwealth Entitlements

We assist eligible people to access income support and entitlements and challenge unfair administrative decisions by Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs by providing quality legal advice and representation, and by encouraging agencies to administer systems that treat clients fairly and respectfully.

We also assist people to navigate the social security prosecution system, and aim to influence the system to be efficient, fair and respectful to accused people.


We promote substantive equality by addressing individual and systemic discrimination through case work, legal education and law and policy reform.

Mental Health and Disability Advocacy

We provide advice and representation in relation to laws that impact the liberty, dignity and autonomy of people with a mental health diagnosis or cognitive disability. We work to minimise restrictions on these rights as well as help to ensure the justice and health systems operate fairly.


We assist new migrant citizens and asylum seekers and other vulnerable non-citizens by providing community legal education to understand the law, and appropriate legal assistance and other forms of advocacy to obtain just outcomes.

Social Inclusion

We contribute to the alleviation of poverty and social exclusion by providing advocacy to help resolve problems that would otherwise lead to entrenched disadvantage, including problems relating to debt, tenancy, infringements and experience as a victim of crime.

Sub-program operating expenditure

Sub-program Operating expenditure % of total expenditure
Commonwealth Entitlements $23 million 2.1%
Equality $1.8 million 1.3%
Mental Health and Disability Advocacy $3.2 million 2.3%
Migration $1.9 million 1.3%
Social Inclusion $4.3 million 3.1%
Civil Justice program $14.2 million 10.2%