The Audit Committee assists the Board to fulfil its oversight responsibilities relating to:

  • the annual financial statements
  • assurance on the operation and implementation of the risk management framework
  • overview of the scope, quality and outcome of internal and external audits
  • monitoring our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and compliance policies.

The Charter for the Audit Committee, approved by the Board, specifies the committee's purpose and objectives, authority, membership, attendance at meetings and roles and responsibilities.


The Audit Committee membership comprised:

David Thompson
Chair of Audit Committee

Andrew Guy
Non-executive Audit Committee member

Catherine McGovern
Non-executive Audit Committee member

Virginia Rogers
Non-executive Audit Committee member.

A standing invitation to attend Audit Committee meetings is issued to the:

  • Managing Director, Executive Manager and Chief Financial Officer
  • external auditor – the Victorian Auditor-General's Office
  • internal auditor – KPMG.

These representatives receive a copy of the meeting papers and minutes.

The Audit Committee met four times in 2014–15.

Internal audit

KPMG provides our internal audit services. Our internal auditing procedures assist the Audit Committee through examining our control and risk management practices, and determining whether they are effective, efficient and economical in assisting us to achieve our objectives. Where necessary, improvements in procedures and systems are recommended.


The Audit Committee was regularly presented with reports on audit activities undertaken, advisory services provided and audit support carried out. Reports and advice during the year included:

  • community legal centres
  • program performance and evaluation
  • workforce planning and performance management
  • Information and communications technology strategy.